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Vitelity provides the smart business solutions to expand your product portfolio, increase your revenue, and make your customers successful.


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Vitelity’s affiliate program gives resellers a quick and easy way to provide their customers with superior phone services including VoIP, vFax, hosting, and mobile, while avoiding hardware, support, and billing.


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Vitelity brings the most expansive VoIP footprint in North America, giving home and office users cost-savings, expanded functionality, and cost-effective fax and communications resources.


5 Reasons why ITSPs need to include E911 with their voice services

Posted May 18, 2016


As VoIP continues to gain popularity and market share in North America, many new VoIP service providers are looking for ways to streamline costs and improve margins on the products and services they offer. This is actually a good thing but often times ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) try to cut costs in areas that shouldn’t be messed with – like E911. Any small savings the ITSP might realize by not offering E911 or by offering only the bare minimum can quickly be offset when a subscriber is unable to get help in an emergency.